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Healthcare Categories

The future of healthcare will include a broad range of skills and bright ideas, many of which will fall under the categories below.

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According to recent data, healthcare-IT is tipped to become a $390 billion industry by 2024. From health information exchanges (HIEs), through to virtual consultations, our entrepreneurs focus on solving some of the sector's greatest challenges by providing solutions that support healthcare professionals to make more insightful decisions through enhanced data collection, interpretation and communication.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics has changed the way we understand many industries around the world and healthcare is no exception. Through the careful management, understanding and processing of certain data points, the healthcare industry is not only able to form more accurate models that may prevent future pandemics, but also reduce a broad range of operational and production costs, while saving lives.

Augmented /
Virtual Reality

Thanks in part to the power of enhanced communication technologies such as 5G, AR and VR have a considerable role to play in the future of healthcare, ranging from superficial marketing apps such as 'virtually' trying on new glasses, through to remote training, patient treatment and disease awareness. Estimated to be valued at $2.4 billion by 2026, the AR/VR industry is likely to be one of the most high-impact technology sectors in the coming years.

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