At R8ER, we believe there's no such thing as a silly question, which is why we've taken the liberty to place some answers that may help with some of our more commonly asked questions. If your question cannot be found below, please contact us and a member of our team will reach out to you directly.

What stage of companies do you accept?

As a bare minimum we expect our entrepreneurs to have a fully established business with a clear, presentable model of what it is they are doing and what they are seeking to achieve. In terms of financing, we accept applications across all rounds, from pre-seed to Series C+. Our minimal submission criteria is as follows:

Who are the R8ERs?

The R8ERs are a collective of highly experienced experts from the fields of healthcare investment, medicine, academia, regulation, commercialization and entrepreneurship, who provide a balanced review of our entrepreneurs' submissions in terms of concept, potential in the market, financial stability and strategy. Our About Us page shows some of our R8ERs. Note, some high-profile R8ERs do not wish or cannot share their information on our public website.

How do investors get my information?

Investors on the platform receive R8ER Reports, which are a compilation of R8ERs entrepreneurial members, along with their respective reviews and contact information. Investors specify their investment preferences, so you will only ever be seen by an investor who is interested in your type of company, including categories and fundraising rounds.

Who are the investors?

Similarly to our entrepreneurial community, R8ERs investment community undergoes a high level of due diligence before being accepted. Our investors are venture capital firms or trusts, banks, government agencies, corporate investors, private equity firms, family offices, accelerators/incubators and angels/high net worth individuals. Each investor specifies the types of companies they are looking for, thereby providing entrepreneurs with targeted investors.

I'm an investor, how do I join?

To join, investors must fall within any of the following categories:

  • Investment Professional;
  • Certified High Net Worth Individual or
  • Certified Sophisticated Investor.

To become an investor please join our waitlist by signing up here https://r8er.co.uk/auth/signup or email us directly at admin@r8er.co.uk

What if I'm already speaking with investors?

No problem - R8ERs' primary benefits evolve around providing a clear and vetted ecosystem where ideas and financing meet. You are free to engage any investors you choose. Should you secure investment through R8ER, it will be important to share any further investment interest with your new investors.

How long does my company appear to investors?

Your company will appear in front of investors for one year through the R8ER Reports, or until you inform us that you are no longer interested in raising investment and would like to deactivate your account.

How much will R8ER charge me as an entrepreneur?

R8ER wants to make fundraising equitable and ensure that new companies do not lose the precious capital they raise. The application fee for entrepreneurs is £2,500. This goes to the top experts to provide the assessment and for you to receive your R8ER Feedback Report. Additionally, if you raise investment from one of the investors on the platform, you will be charged a cash commission fee of 3.6% based on the investment.

In September, we will be offering a number of UK companies sponsorship of their application fee. If you would like to be considered for a sponsored application fee, please go to the 'Sign Up' tab at the top right of the page, provide your details and submit, making sure you have ticked the box "I am looking for application sponsorship". We will be in touch soon with further information.

What documents do I need to submit as a potential entrepreneur?

As a potential entrepreneur, in addition to basic company details, one of the directors will be expected to provide KYC documentation, including a current form of identification and proof of address. Once accepted, the company can begin their application process, which is straight forward and involves:

  • A 2-minute pitch video
  • A mixture of text fields (with maximum character lengths) and multiple-choice questions
  • Photos for up to four founders and four advisors
  • Optional documents include a one-page science document and financial documents (Balance sheets, Profit and Loss, Cash flows).

If you have already been pitching to investors, you will likely have all of the required information and will complete it quickly. The application is designed to be succinct, and we anticipate will take founders 3-4 hours maximum.

R8ER will provide you with a Step-by-Step Submission Guide (via email and inside your account), which outlines how to submit required documentation. You will also need to sign our contract and settle your invoice for the Application Fee, prior to submitting your application for review by our R8ER experts.

Is there a time frame in which we have to submit everything?

Once you have created an account and carried out your ID check (within 14 days of signing your contract), you will receive your contract and can start your filling out your assessment. Though there is no deadline, the contract you receive is valid for 30 days, during which time you need to have formally submitted your application. If 30 days have lapsed, you will receive a new contract, and albeit a rare occasion, should our terms have changed (for example our application fee may have been modified), then you will be bound these new terms. So don't waste time, and make sure you submit as quickly as possible!  The R8ER team will be on hand should you have any questions, throughout this process.

I entered my password in wrong and now my account is locked. Can you help?

If you enter your password incorrectly five times, your account will be automatically locked. Please contact admin@r8er.co.uk to unlock your account and send you an email to reset your password.

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