For R8ER-registered entrepreneurs, our team of experts will provide valuable insights to ensure the best possible chance of securing investment. Once finalized, your company's profile will be directly available to R8ER investors for the period of one full year.

How can I become a
R8ER entrepreneur?

As part of your initial application, we will require a two minute video, which will provide an elevator pitch for your company. This should include an introduction to your business model, how it stands to benefit healthcare and how an investment will support its success.

In addition, you will be provided with a "Step-by-Step" guide for how to submit your documentation before being reviewed by our R8ERs. Our application is designed to be short and succinct. Please refer to the FAQ section for further information.

When I'm ready with my documentation,
what happens next?

To submit your documentation, you need to pay an Application Fee of £2,500 (VAT Exempt), which pays the 10 experts to provide the assessment and for you to receive your R8ER Feedback Report. Click here to see some of our R8ERs. This is not a performance metric, rather an assessment of your readiness for fundraising currently and some entrepreneurs choose to undergo our evaluation as an internal improvement tool, without being put in front of investors. Companies will then be provided with a full year of direct exposure to the R8ER investment community, who will be free to contact you directly. The majority of our investors are in the UK, with more countries to be added soon. If you raise investment from one of the investors on the platform, you will be charged a cash commission fee of 3.6% (VAT exempt) based on the investment.

You will also be invited to pitch at one of our monthly hybrid pitching days, held in in London and on Zoom.

How does the negotiation
phase work?

Negotiations take place directly between investors and entrepreneurs, without the involvement of R8ER.

If I successfully secure 
investment, what happens next?

Firstly, congratulations! As a successfully funded business, R8ER will remain on hand to help promote your ongoing successes, while potentially helping to raise further rounds of funding in the future.

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