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We are the world's first, professionally vetted, digital evaluation platform for disruptive healthcare that connects technology with investment.

Dr. Milla Marinova
Founder & CEO
Mr. Pavel Marinov

The story of R8ER begins with Dr. Milla Marinova, who after completing her medical and biotechnology degrees at Universities in London and Cambridge realized that many of her former peers were struggling to get their great ideas, either to a format that would be clear for investors to easily understand, or to get a foot in the door in terms of financing their projects.

Together with her brother, Pavel Marinov who had already gained experience in both the financial and IT sectors, they formed an idea that would not only solve this problem, but furthermore act as an accelerator for cutting-edge, disruptive tech ideas - and so R8ER was born...

After sharing their idea with some of Britain's top medical and financial experts, a shortlist of experts slowly emerged who have now become key members of R8ER's assessment team.

Where do we start?

R8ER utilizes a specialist assessment tool, in conjunction with our group of assessors, known as R8ERs, to evaluate entrepreneurial ideas submitted via the platform.

Who are the R8ERs?

Become a R8ER

R8ERs are a hand-selected group of top healthcare professionals who include partner-level investors, specialty professors, consultant clinicians and experts across regulatory, policy, financial and commercialization strategy. Here are some of our R8ERs:

Ten R8ERs assess each company, focusing on the key areas of business model and strategy, product, science and technology, the team and advisors, financials and customers, commercial appeal and pitch technique.

What happens next?

Once a company has received its scores and feedback from the assessors, its results are incorporated into the R8ER Reports, which are subsequently sent to a list of qualified investors for review.

Should an investor be interested, they are able to contact the company directly to ask further questions and or negotiate to invest straight away. No complicated introductions, no laborious paperwork, just connect and go.

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